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Christopher Hart Chambers was born in New York City where he continues to live and work. He first exhibited professionally as a teenager when he formed the street art militia avant, bringing fine art to the streets alongside the spray paint graffiti of the day and thereby launching what became an international phenomenon. A few years later in 1985 with his partner, musician Hayward Peele, he opened the B.A.D. Museum (Bohemia After Dark – named in reverence for a composition by Charlie Parker) as a venue for a variety of media.

Christopher in his own words describes his creative process and artistic expression: "Interestingly, I have found that the viewing public at large will more readily accept abstraction in a sculptural format than in two dimensions...After all, all form is essentially abstract. A nose or a tree are only shapes until we assign meanings to them." 

Regarding his sculptures, Christopher talks about the way Styrofoam enables him to create his work:   "This material allows me to really have at it immediately with a freedom and spontaneity unavailable in other mediums. In general, sculpture requires quite a bit of technical foresight. But my method of carving the initial shapes from EPS and later coating it with resins – a technique very similar to making a surfboard – makes for a flexible approach akin to jazz, blues, and rock and roll. Metaphorically speaking, once the bass line is established, the lead guitar can improvise freely, and it is the same with these painted sculptures in bas relief."

While his early work concentrated strictly on painting, more of his recent artwork is focused on sculpture.